Jensen Interceptor II

During 1967, the building of Interceptors and FFs shifted from the Vignale factory in Italy to Jensen Motors at West Bromwich. Improvements were introduced on a continual basis until 1969 when a major revision resulted in the release of the Series II models. These featured redesigned interiors, air-conditioning, a slightly restyled body and – significantly for the bottom line – regulatory approval for export to North America. From 1970, the Interceptor II began to be shipped in quantity to the United States where the LHD models were first shown at the New York Motor Show that April. Controlling interest in Jensen Motors had meanwhile shifted from Norcros to William Brandt & Sons, a commercial bank, which in turn sold Jensen in 1970 to a United States car importer of high repute, Kjell Qvale. Qvale’s interest in acquiring Jensen was primarily to build a new sports car to replace the Austin Healey which had been one of his biggest sellers and which had been built by Jensen Motors. In all, 1128 Interceptor IIs were made of which 695 were RHDs. Of these, 28 were delivered new to Australia. Private imports over the years have led to 92 being counted as survivors today.


Jensen Car Club Australia