Jensen Interceptor III

Development of the Interceptor continued during the two year model life of the Interceptor II, culminating in the release in August 1971 of the final iteration on the theme, the Interceptor III, made until 1976. Many sub-variants were introduced, the first being a 440ci triple carb version known as the SP, the most powerful car ever built by Jensen Motors. A change from the 383ci to the 440ci standard engine followed across the range in 1972 and in 1974 a Convertible version was unveiled. A booted Coupé model was released in 1975. Changes to the specification were numerous and included louvered bonnets, vinyl roofs, luxurious woodgrain dashboards, sheepskin seat inserts and trip computers on the last examples. Jensen’s finances wobbled in the wake of the 1973 fuel crisis and never really recovered, leading to the company being placed in receivership in 1975 and wound up in 1976. A total of 4,270 Interceptor IIIs of all types were made. Australia was Jensen’s largest RHD export market and received 97 of the saloon variants. Many more have since arrived as private imports and today the Interceptor III saloon is the model most commonly encountered at club events. 242 may be traced as survivors in Australia today.