Jensen Interceptor III Convertible

Perhaps the most glamorous and prestigious model in a long line of Interceptor variants, the Convertible epitomized the highest standards reached by the West Bromwich car-maker. Convertibles had always been a favourite in the Jensen line-up and every model Jensen ever produced had included a convertible in some shape or form. With the demise of the SP, Jensen boss Kjell Qvale began thinking about developing a new model and with his vast experience of the car market on the American west coast believed a convertible Interceptor would be welcomed by his customers. Development began in 1972 and by 1973 the necessary structural modifications had been worked out, the top design had been finalized and the first pre-production prototypes had been built. Being constructed on such a massive chassis — one which had been required to contribute all of the strength to the fibreglass-bodied C-V8 — the Convertible didn’t need a lot of extra strengthening. It was unveiled at Geneva in March 1974 and continued to be made until 1976. Of the 514 examples built, 80% were LHDs, mainly for North America. Two Convertibles were sold new to Australia and today 18 are traceable here as survivors.