Jensen FF

The four-wheel drive Jensen FF (for Ferguson Formula) was the world’s first fulltime all-wheel drive passenger vehicle and the first with anti-lock brakes. Released at the Motor Show in 1966 and built until 1971, it was the pet project of Richard Jensen who pushed its development during the era of the C-V8. A fully operational prototype was made up under a modified C-V8 body shell and shown at the 1965 Motor Show, but this was discarded once the decision was taken in 1966 to outsource the body styling to Italy. Like the Interceptor, the FF was made in three model variations, the FF II and FF III following alongside the Interceptor upgrades in 1969 and 1971. FFs cost roughly a third more than an Interceptor, a price differential which was viewed as extreme, given the already high cost of the Interceptor. Although the FF won accolades from the pundits on technical grounds, it was a hard sell to consumers. Total production was 320 cars over six years of production, almost all going to buyers in the United Kingdom. One FF was sold new to Australia and survives. 23 FFs are traceable as survivors here today.