Jensen Interceptor S4

The demise of Jensen Motors in 1976 was not the end of Jensen, or of the Interceptor. Two residual companies were formed out of the remains of the old company and one of them, Jensen Parts & Service (JPS), continued to service and support Jensen products into the 1980s. In 1983, the JPS manager, Ian Orford, decided to revive the Interceptor brand with a fully rebuilt Interceptor III which he displayed at the Motor Show. It received such a positive reception that in 1984 JPS was rebranded as Jensen Cars Ltd and the first two of a new series of Interceptor known as the S4 were unveiled at that year’s Show. They used the largest engine then produced by Chrysler, the 360ci V8, along with the 4-spd automatic transmission. More than 500 detail changes had to be made to bring the cars up to date with the latest legislation. Interceptor S4s were made in both RHD and LHD and in saloon, Convertible and Hardtop variations. Only 14 were made before production ceased in 1992 and they were sold in Europe, the UK and the Middle East. No Interceptor S4s came to Australia.