Jensen SP

Released alongside the Interceptor III and FF III in 1971 was an Interceptor variant called the Jensen SP. It featured a high performance version of the Chrysler 440ci engine known as the Six Pack, named for its three twin-barrel Holley carburettors giving a rated 385bhp. It was the most powerful Jensen ever made and in a marketing sense served as the company flagship, replacing the FF which was discontinued at the end of 1971. In America, Mopars using the Six Pack engine had enjoyed a popular run lasting three years, but increasingly strict emissions legislation meant that the engine itself had to be discontinued. Chrysler stopped making it early in 1972 but Jensen was able to buy up a good supply and continued to make the SP model until mid-1973. Two distinguishing features introduced with the SP were a louvered bonnet and a vinyl roof, options which also appeared on the standard Interceptor III. In total, 232 SPs were made, almost all in RHD. Two were sold new in Australia but private imports in later years give us the 17 which may be counted as survivors today.


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