Australian Capital Territory
Veteran Vintage and Historic Motor Vehicle Registration

The Jensen Car Club of Australia (JCCA) is affiliated with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs (CAMC). This allows the JCCA to sponsor VVHMVR for JCCA members in the ACT.

This is a privilege which comes with legal obligations for the club and participating members.

Please ensure that you comply with all requirements outlined below and on the Access Canberra website (link at bottom of page).

Veteran Vintage and Historic Motor Vehicle Registration Information

Vehicles must be at least 30 years old. All Jensens in the ACT fall into that age category so all are eligible for VVHMVR.

JCCA members can have a non-Jensen vehicle on concessional registration.

Owners are required to be members of a CAMC affiliated motoring club in order to be eligible for VVHMVR. As an affiliated club, the JCCA is required to report annually to the CAMC regarding club members in the ACT, their vehicles and registration details.

Applicants must allow sufficient time for application forms to be processed by an authorized JCCA officer.

Special licence plates are issued for concessional registration.

For further information, including details of transferring normally registered or unregistered vehicles to VVH, refer to the ACT Access website at

Authorized Person

Mark Whitmore
Phone: 0472 921510

Access Canberra

Phone: 132281
Any ACT shopfront