New South Wales
Historic Vehicle Scheme

The Jensen Car Club of Australia (JCCA) has been authorized by the NSW Department of Transport Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) to administer the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS).

This is a privilege which comes with legal obligations for the club and participating members.

Please ensure that you comply with all requirements outlined below and on the RMS website (link at bottom of page).

By registering a car on the HVS, NSW members can benefit from much reduced registration and insurance costs, enjoy runs with each club to which the car is registered, and use the car for 60 additional days per year.

Historic Vehicle Scheme Information

Vehicles must be more than 30 years old. As all Jensen cars in NSW fall into that age category, all types of Jensens are eligible for HVS registration.

JCCA members can have a non-Jensen vehicle on the HVS.

Maintenance of the manufacturer’s original specification is a key objective of the scheme. Owners of HVS registered vehicles are responsible for maintaining their vehicle in close to original unmodified condition.

Owners are required to be financial members of an approved motoring club in order to be eligible for HVS. NSW members can register their cars with the JCCA as either the Primary or Secondary Club.

If the JCCA is nominated as the Primary Club, the JCCA is responsible for administration of the HVS. The JCCA is required by law to notify RMS if JCCA membership lapses. A 7-day grace period is allowed. Beyond that period, a lapse in financial membership renders the car unregistered.

If the JCCA is nominated as a Secondary Club, you can attend JCCA events without using up your 60 day allowance. Your Primary Club will be responsible for administration of the HVS.

Applicants must first contact the Responsible Person or a Scrutineer for their car to be inspected (contact details below).

If the car is original except for period options and accessories, safety and reliability upgrades, then it should be suitable for historic registration. To avoid any misunderstanding, modifications which change the car by significantly increasing engine power or reducing the safety or drivability of the car will deem the car ineligible.

Applicants must allow sufficient time for application forms to be processed by the JCCA Responsible Person. Applicants should then submit the JCCA stamped Historic Vehicle Declaration and a current pink slip to the RMS for registration.

Special licence plates are issued for club registration.

For further information, including the procedure to be followed, see the NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme website at

Applicants must mail to the JCCA Responsible Person:

Recent high quality images of the car:
- Front and rear
- Driver’s side
- Driving position with driver’s door ajar

RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration for Historic Vehicle registration

Stamped return addressed envelope for the return of the JCCA stamped Historic Vehicle Declaration

Note: only originals will be accepted by the RMS – scanned or photocopied documents will not be accepted

Authorised Person

John Reid


Tony Cope
0448 400 160 Sydney Metro

Stewart Copeland
0407 706 299 NSW North

Chris Forsey
0413 996 481 NSW South

Transport Roads & Maritime Services

Phone: 122213

PO Box 122, Glen Innes, NSW 2370

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