Western Australia
Concessions for Classics

The Jensen Car Club of Australia (JCCA) has been authorized by WA Department of Transport (DoT) to administer the Concessions for Classics scheme (known as C4C).

This is a privilege which comes with legal obligations for the club and participating members.

Please ensure that you comply with all requirements outlined below and on the DoT website (link at bottom of page).

Concessions for Classics Information

Vehicles must be manufactured before 1990. As all Jensen cars in Western Australia fall into that age category, all types of Jensens are eligible for concessional licensing.

JCCA members can have a non-Jensen vehicle on concessional registration.

Maintenance of the manufacturer’s original specification is a key objective of the concession. Owners of concessionally registered vehicles are responsible for maintaining their vehicle in original unmodified condition.

Owners are required to be financial members of a DoT approved historic motoring club in order to be eligible for the concession.

If the JCCA sponsors the concessional registration, owners are required to maintain financial membership of the JCCA. The JCCA is required by law to notify the WA Council of Motoring Clubs if membership lapses. The Council will in turn inform the DoT. A lapse in financial membership will render the car subject to a change to full Class A registration with additional fees payable. No grace period is allowed.

Applicants must allow sufficient time for application forms to be processed by an authorized JCCA officer.

The DoT may require a vehicle to be examined at an official testing station. This will not normally be required where a Class A vehicle is being placed on concessional registration. Examination will be required where the vehicle has been newly imported to WA or where the previous registration has lapsed for more than three months.

Special licence plates are not issued for concessional registration.

For further information, including the downloadable DoT forms and procedure to be followed, see the DoT website at


Authorized Person

Mark Skinner

Phone: 0407 772 783

Department of Transport

Phone: 131156

PO Box R1290, Perth, WA 6844

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